Providing skincare lightening for skin discolorations - Our Manufacturer - Honolulu, HI
Providing skincare lightening for skin discolorations - Company Message

Our Manufacture in Marikina, PI

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We use jacketed stainless steel mixing and holding vessels, as well as jacketed kettles, pumps, filters and other specialized equipment.
Each mixing vessels is equipped with  equipment chosen by our engineers for each personal care product.
Glowcal Manufacturing Corp. - includes body lotion, creams and rinses, foaming bath products, shower gel, hand soap, shampoos, and conditioner.
We place heavy emphasis on quality control at all stages of the manufacturing process. Chemical raw materials are approved for release by the Quality Control Unit prior to their transfer to the manufacturing area. Each product batch is inspected at least three times- in the mix tank, in the hold vessel and during packaging.
Glowcal Manufacturing Corp. Marikina City, Philippines develop services lead the personal care industry. We create cutting-edge products to support your marketing plan and product launches. Unlike with other developers, our customer always own the formula they manufacture with us.
We develop hair products skin care products, and we set the industry standard in development of natural, organic and other environmentally friendly products.
Glowcal Manufacturing Corp products both to meet a specific idea or new concept, and to meet a customer's demand for the use of specific ingredients. We can also match the characteristics & performance of a product you have selected, or improve upon our customer's already owned formula.
When doing testing,
We assist our customers in testing products. For example, we provide documented stability testings of all product elements. We also use our expertise to help customers in their consumer testing, to ensure accurate, relevant results prior to bringing a product to market.