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Types of Hyper-Pigmentation

Melasma or Chloasma: Skin coloration that appears as blotchy brown spots, often covering cheeks, forehead, or temples. This type of hyper-pigmentation can be hereditary, or triggered by hormonal changes such as pregnancy or menopause. Taking birth control pills can also cause Melasma.

Age Spot  of "Liver" Spots: Smaller darkened patches usually on older adults who have been exposed to the sun for many years. These spots can be seen on the face, forearms and backs of hands. Post-Inflammatory Hyper-Pigmentation:This type of hyper-pigmentation results from any inflammatory injury or trauma to the skin. Some causes of post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation: *Acne-particularly cysts or modules- often leaves dark discoloration after a bluish heals. *Poorly administered chemical peels or laser surgery can leave behind hyper-pigmentation. *Rashes look psoriasis and eczema often darken the skin as well. *Even seemingly innocuous things like waxing and electrolysis can cause the melanin cell to ever react. 

Before Treatment: These are actual photo.                         


Left Cheek          Right cheek 

Note: With the help of ex foliation agents, the initial lightening effects of the skin can be seen within 2 weeks.
After Treatment



                   2 months treatment

4-6 months treatment
 8-10 months treatment-

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